【Name】:Water filter vacuum cleaner steam

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Product Description

Walter filter vacuum cleaner steam introduction:


According to the demand of foreign market, our engineer research a new water filter vacuum cleaner steam.

By adding this water filter system, protecting the environment, no air pollution when you make housekeeping clean and clean car interior.


Water filtration schematic diagram of this vacuum cleaner steam, is 4 steps, first, collecting the rubbish and dust into pipeline; second, mixing the rubbish and water, separating the air and rubbish; third, filter the air again, leaving the tiny dust in the bucket;

Fourth, after multiple filtration, clean air is out, not causing secondary pollution.


This vacuum cleaner steam is mainly for housekeeping clean.


Main specification of  water filter vacuum cleaner steam:

Model: WE4V
Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz
Power: 4kw(steam)+1.4kw(vacuum)
Steam Pressure: 5Bar
Steam temperature: 70~80℃
Water consumption: 10L/H
Steam production time: 60 seconds
Water tank: 14L
Materials of machine: Stainless steel 304
Dimensions: 500*400*500mm 380*380*515mm
Weight: 25kg(steam)+8kg(vacuum)
Vacuum cleaner: With water filter


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