【Name】:Transparent suction nozzle

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Product Description

Transparent suction nozzle introduction:


A new spare parts for steam vacuum cleaner. Customer who want to clean the car seat or sofa, can use this transparent nozzle. Because it is transparent, you can see how it clean the dirty car seat.


Adding this nozzle to steam vacuum cleaner, helping it to wash car interior well. If you just want to clean car body, turn off the vacuum, just turn on the steam, then cleaning car with steam only.


Except the handle is made of stainless steel, the transparent suction nozzle is made of ABS engineering plastic, no tasteless, no pollution.


Main specification of transparent suction nozzle:


Usage: cleaning car seat, carpet, sofa
Materials of nozzle: ABS engineering plastic, durable
Interface: inside diameter of 38mm, outer diameter of 45mm
Special function: can see the situation of water suction in time

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