【Name】:Steam and vacuum cleaner split type

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Steam and vacuum cleaner split type:


Double type double guns steam and vacuum cleaner, split type. Adding a socket on the operation panel, then connect the vacuum, you can get a steam and vacuum cleaner. Double guns type, clean cars more quicker, at the same time, use the vacuum to clean the car interior, with dry or wet steam.


Different from 4kw steam and vacuum cleaner, this one is bigger. When we say 4kw type is mainly for cleaning housekeeping, we can say 12kw steam and vacuum cleaner is mainly for cleaning car. According to the demand of abroad, we improve our products.


This 12kw steam and vacuum cleaner can be single 220V or 3 phases 380V. As long as the vacuum is suitable, this machine can be connected with it. Our machine is made of stainless steel 304, high quality can get long service life. If you want to use steam to wash cars, and want to clean housekeeping, please choose this steam and vacuum cleaner.


Main specification of steam and vacuum cleaner:

Model: AE12AV
Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz
Power: 12kw(steam)+1.3kw(vacuum)
Steam Pressure: (8-13)*2Bar
Steam temperature: 200~230℃
Water consumption: 20*2(L/H)
Steam production time: 60 seconds
Water tank: Steam 30L, Micro water 16L
Materials of machine: Stainless steel 304
Dimensions: 950*510*1020mm, 430*430*590mm
Weight: 85kg(steam)+8kg(vacuum)



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