【Name】:Self service car wash hot water

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Product Description


Self service car wash hot water introduction:


High pressure type, self service car wash, hot waster. Coin and card operated, unattended, simple operation, after using coin or card, foam, hot water and cold water can be switched. Inbuilting1.6KW full copper pumps, motors copper copper head, 60-80 kg of water pressure (adjustable), 10 liters per minute flow rate.


24 hours self service car wash a day, seven days a week; the system is guaranteed; With video to show you how to set the time of coins or card. Support a variety of coins, comparison type recognizer with high safety.


Self service car wash, machine shell is made of 1.5 mm thick steel spraying plastics. Beautiful appearance. Digital operation panel, display is also beautiful. It can be customized by your design, and your logo, your advertisement. Please feel free to contact AIx Machinery to get good self service car wash!


Main specification of self service car wash hot water:


Model: ZZ24H
Cleaning method: High pressure hot or cold water
Foam/hot water/wax: Automatic blending
Consumption of water: 8-10L/MIN
Voltage: 380V
Standby Power: <10w
Pressure: 60-80kg(adjustable)
Power: Hot water 25.5kw; Cold water 1.6kw
Effective temperature rise: 30-50°C
Hosepipe length: 15m
Weight: 200kg
Dimensions: 600*900*1700MM
Materials: 1.5mm steel spraying plastics
Working: Using coins or IC card to work


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