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Product Description


Self service car wash equipment high pressure water introduction:


Self service car wash equipment, installed in the public places and high-end residential areas. No need to configure full-time workers, and customer can operate themselves, it greatly reduces the cost. As this kind of machine is fully automatic, efficient and adopting colorful cleaning technology, it can add more services item and become beautiful landscape.


Self service car wash equipment, not need the management, can clean all types of vehicles; new integration design, unified and beautiful, all major components are imported, with good quality and reliable; cleaning station can be adjusted according to the needs of user.


Self service car wash equipment, working with coin and IC card; you can cast coins, or brush stored value cards on IC card area, then the amount display area will shows the amount of inputs or the remaining sum inside card.


Main specification of self service car wash equipment:


Model: ZZ18
Cleaning method: High pressure water pumps
Foam/water/wax: Automatic blending
Consumption of water: 20-25L per car
Voltage: AC220V
Internal electric control: <12V
Max power: 1.6kw
Working temperature: -30°C-60°C
Hosepipe length: 15m
Weight: 180kg
Dimensions: 600*900*1700MM
Materials: 1.5mm steel spraying plastics
Working: Using coins or card to work

Cleaning cars:

Long spraying gun:

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