【Name】:Mobile car wash with vacuum cleaner

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Product Description


Mobile car wash with vacuum cleaner:


LPG or Diesel type, mobile car wash, adding a vacuum, better cleaning cars.

The vacuum is also using battery to work.

That’s why we call them mobile car wash machine.

There is freeze button on our machine panel, internal check valve is stainless steel, check valve is used to prevent winter ice cracking .
Our mobile car wash machine has internal soft water treatment systems and external steam pipes into the water tank, can be filtered through the water softener, play slow scaling effect.

With micro water system.

Once encountered dry mud on trucks, pre-cleaning (kick wax and humidification), dual water tanks, steam and micro water two separate systems.


By a socket to connect the vacuum, this mobile car wash is popular selling abroad.

Single gun or two guns type, LPG or Diesel type, many choices for cleaning cars, door to door service.


Main specification of mobile car wash with vacuum cleaner:

Model: AG07(with vacuum)
Steam pressure: 18kg(18Bar)
Steam temperature: 200~230°C
Gas consumption: 15kg washes 100-120 cars
Steam produce time: 60 seconds
Steam produce: 32.0kg/h
Water tank: 40L(steam cleaner) 15L(vacuum cleaner)
Heater materials: Stainless steel 304
Steam gun: Single gun or two guns
Dimensions: 1040*480*1080mm(steam cleaner)
                      360*360*510mm(vacuum cleaner)
Weight: 90kg(steam cleaner) + 8kg(vacuum cleaner)


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