【Name】:Low consumption mobile car wash steam car wash machine

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Product Description

Low consumption mobile car wash steam car wash machine

A new designed mobile car wash, diesel engine driven. 100% mobile. Using DC12V battery to supply electricity. Can spray water, hot water and steam, a multifunctional machine in our company, it is very popular in mobile cleaing cars, the surface of the well, pump cleaning, heavy oil equipment cleaning, marine oil pollution cleaning, industrial oil field cleaning.

Water and hot water uses 200bar(200kg) pressure, steam use 50bar(50kg) pressure. Hot water can reach 100℃ when clean heavy dirt. Hot water and steam are quickly produced, needs only 10 seconds. This mobile car wash has long spraying nozzle, long-distance clean is available.

Because it also spray steam, we also call it steam car wash machine. With 50Bar(50kg) steam pressure, it is the strongest steam pressure in our company. Do you want to see its power? Here is the photo below:

Main specification:

Model: AD200

Diesel engine: 9HP

Water/hot water pressure: 200bar(200kg)

Steam pressure: 50bar(50kg)

Hot water temperature: 100℃

Water consumption for hot water: 15L/Min

Water consumption for steam: 3L/Min

Diesel oil consumption: 6L/H

Hot water/steam production time: 10 seconds

Dimensions: 102*75*102cm

Weight: 180kg

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