【Name】:Industrial steam cleaner 32kw

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Product Description

Industrial steam cleaner 32kw introduction:


Improved type, new industrial steam cleaner 32kw, by adding a circle of armrest at the top of the machine, facilitate the muddy ground lifting;

Both sides of the cover is active devices, easy to maintenance; at the bottom of the wheels for iron wheels; electric control is light plate, seal, resistance to bump, explosion-proof.


The built-in switch can turn 32 kw into 24 kw, convenient and flexible;

The Extended length 1.5 meters, can be put into long pipeline internal, clean it;

Special configuration scale inhibitor, water tank 45 litres, blending 2 ml each time, never scale, better industrial steam cleaner.


Configuration winterization, after using, anti-freezing button, automatic delay 15 minutes, pipeline emptying.

Stronger steam pressure and long steam jet gun, widely used in the oil field, high maturity, small failure rate.

32kw industrial steam cleaner, your best choice for heavy industrial cleaning.


Main specification of industrial steam cleaner 32kw:

Model: AE32A
Voltage: 380V
Power: 32/24kw
Steam Pressure: 1.5mm nozzle, 35Bar;
                2.0mm nozzle, 20Bar
Steam temperature: 200~250℃
Water consumption: 110L/H
Steam production time: 30 seconds
Water tank: 45L
Steam pipe: 10m
Materials of machine: Stainless steel 304
Dimensions: 85*57*82cm
Weight: 90kg

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