【Name】:Industrial high pressure hot water cleaner

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Product Description


Industrial high pressure hot water cleaner introduction:


High pressure hot water cleaner, using the newest water wax (or foam) blending, to achieve water; water wax(or foam) free conversion, and convenient.

Also using the world's leading pump backend heating mode, effectively protect the pump and extend pump life.


High pressure hot water cleaner, designed without boiler, with immediate heating technology, whole machine without pressure vessels, more secure; cold start is just one minute, quick use.

Using simple electric control, electronically controlled all using relays, modular design, industrial control, stable and reliable, without professional sales staff.


High pressure hot water cleaner has automatic adding water, water alarm, over-voltage, over-temperature alarm, air leakage protection, and the use of digital temperature control, accurate and reliable water temperature.

As for the cold winter weather,adding antifreeze button to ensure free using in winter.


Main specification of industrial high pressure hot water cleaner:


Model: HE24A
Voltage: 380V
Power: 25.5kw(hot water); 1.5kw(cold water)
Pressure: 60-80kg
Water consumption: 10L/min
Cold start time: 60 seconds
Water tank: 45L
Effective temperature rise: 60℃
High pressure pipe: 10m
Spray gun(high temperature resistance): 1 pcs
Materials of machine: Stainless steel 304
Dimensions: 85*57*82cm
Weight: 90kg


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