【Name】:Housekeeping steam cleaner

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Product Description


Housekeeping steam cleaner introduction:


4kw and 6kw housekeeping steam cleaner, new design with Ozone disinfection system. It has light weight, housekeeper can move it or list everywhere to do their housekeeping clean. The engineer adds a socket on the operation panel, connecting a vacuum, can make the housekeeping clean more efficient.


Whole body is made of stainless steel 304, long life span. Our housekeeping steam cleaner has beautiful appearance, movable wheels, with 10 meters steam pipe, you can make long distance clean without moving the machine.


With a Ozone distinfection system, this housekeeping steam cleaner can also clean the interior of car. After the Ozone disinfection, you and your family can be healthy to sit in the car, go out for traveling happily.


Main specification of housekeeping steam cleaner:



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