【Name】:High pressure water pump for wash car machine

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Product Description

High pressure water pump for wash car machine


This is a high pressure water pump, it is one of main part of our wash car machine(self service model). 

Working principle, electric motor drives the triplex plunger pump to work through a belt, water is sucked by high pressure and comes into the the pump. Then it will be sprayed by a high pressure pipe and high pressure spraying gun. Very important in our wash car machine.

Widely used in cleaning field, motor vehicles, construction vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural machinery and equipment, cleaning and maintenance products such as washing cars, bulldozers, concrete mixers, tractors. Matched a motor, it can be a simple wash car machine.

Main specification:

Working pressure: 4Mpa

Water flow: 40L/min

Matched electric motor: 2.2kw/3kw

Weight: 10kg

Big storage:

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