【Name】:High pressure car washer diesel steam cleaner

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Product Description

High pressure car washer diesel steam cleaner

Combined by electric motor and diesel. You can use both electricity and diesel oil when the machine is working. We call this machine high pressure car washer, because its pressure is 130/140kg. If you use 2.2kw motor, pressure can reach 130kg, if you use 3kw motor, pressure can reach 140kg.

This high pressure car washer can also spray cold water and hot water. Hot water is designed to clean heavy dirt in industrial field. When you are cleaning cars, if you think cold water is not enough to clean cars clean, you can also use foam to clean cars, too.

Diesel oil is used to heat, hot water and steam. That's why we also call it diesel steam cleaner. Steam pressure is 25kg, strong enough to clean cars. Because of using diesel oil, saving a lot of electricity. Because of using steam, saving a lot of water. Just save, save, save!!!

Main specification:

Model: AD-140

High pressure pump power: 2.2/3KW

Water/hot water pressure: 130/140kg

Steam pressure: 30kg

Hot water temperature: 100℃

Hot water consumption: 10L/Min

Steam consumption: 1.5L/Min

Dimensions: 900*560*600mm

Weight: 92kg

Oil consumption: 3L/H

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