【Name】:Handpush type car wash steam cleaner

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Product Description


Handpush type car wash steam cleaner introduction:


Car wash steam cleaner, designed hand-push type, with four wheels, can be easily moved everywhere, and with water tank. Single gun, steam pressure can reach 8-13kg. Adjust dry and wet steam button to wash car inside/outside.


Hand-push type car wash steam cleaner, with micro-water system, when there is dry mud, use micro-water first, then use steam to wash it. There is a plastic pot on the micro-water brush. If you want to add wax/detergents/foam, you can add them into that plastic pot. When using the brush, you can add wax/detergents/foam at the same time.


OEM is ok for our car wash steam cleaner. Without boiler, instant heating system, safe and high efficiency. All car wash steam cleaner have thermal start , water alarm, leakage protection, over-temperature alarm, overvoltage auto recovery, wet regulate and other functions.


Main specification for hand-push type car wash steam cleaner:



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