【Name】:90kg high pressure car washer poratble car wash machine

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Product Description

90kg high pressure car washer poratble car wash machine

It is a new designed high pressure car washer in 2016. Its outer shell is made of stainless steel, with long service life. Small size, 50*40*60cm, 30kg weight, it is portable car wash machine.

With water and foam options, you can change them during the washing. By turning on and turn off the water jet gun to control the charging money. Coin and card system options for this high pressure car washer. Strong pressure, 90kg(9Mpa), cleaning cars with high efficiency.

Our portable car wash machine with 9m hose, can circle around the car body, the gun nozzle is adjustable. You can clean cars with columnar water, also with dispersed water. It can connect the tap water or water tank, easily move to wherever you want to clean a car.

Main specification:

Model: ZZ9

Pressure: 90kg

Functions: Water and Foam

Charging method: Coin, Card

Outer shell: Stainless steel

Hose length: 9m

Power: 1.5kw

Waterflow: 10L/min

Water tank: Connect the tap water or water tank

Dimensions: 500*400*600cm

Weight: 30kg

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