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One customer of Nigeria and one of customer of Mauritius are asking our lpg steam jet car wash machine, double guns.

The customer of Nigeria needs us to add a vacuum to better car inside clean.

While the customer of Mauritius doesn't need a vacuum, he just needs 2 guns, full of standard accessories.

Our lpg steam jet car wash machine, also called mobile car wash machine, it uses gas to work, gas heating system.

Its steam pressure is 20bar, very strong to clean cars.

By adjust the dry steam to clean car inside, wet steam to clean car outside.

Because of double guns, two workers can clean one car at the same time, if for commercial usage, it is a best choice.

I see more and more people run a car wash shop recently.

In China, if cleaning a car costs $3.5, how about clean 20 cars per day?

I think the profit in other countries is more good than that of China.

So why don't you buy a steam jet car wash machine to run car wash business by yourself?

We now have big promotion in November and December.

If you are interested in our steam jet car wash machine, please feel free to contact me:

Skype: zzaixmachinery

Cell/Whatsapp/Viber/Wechat: 0086 15736766203


        Aix Machinery supplying high quality stainless steel car wash equipment, steam car wash machine. We pay more attention to quality and service. By producing steam car wash machine to save water, better your life.more..
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